Patriarch Mar Gewargis III Sliwa and Speaker of Parliament Kurdish Region in Iraq Dr. Rewaz Faeq emphasize peaceful coexistence

ANKAWA ܥܲܢܟܵܒ̣ܵܐ, Iraq – In a meeting between His Holiness Patriarch Mar Gewargis Sliwa III of the Assyrian Church of the East and Speaker of Parliament in the Kurdish Region in Iraq Dr. Rewaz Faeq (Patriotic Union of Kurdistan), the two discussed issues of coexistence, shared heritage and common history between components of the Region. His Holiness patriarch Mar Gewargis III Sliwa received the Speaker of Parliament in the patriarchate in Ankawa.

Dr. Rewaz Faeq stressed the efforts of the Region’s parliament in promoting bonds of brotherhood and consolidating peaceful coexistence among all components of the Region. She emphasized that the Kurdistan Region in Iraq is a model for coexistence and brotherhood. Because of this she said, all components are more committed to protecting the social peace and political stability of the Region. All components are part of the political reconciliation process in order to together overcome difficulties and achieve true repesentation of our peoples the region.

For his part, Patriarch Gewargis III Sliwa expressed his happiness for the visit and the role Dr. Rewaz Faeq holds as a woman leading parliament. And that the Church fully supports the ongoing coexistence in love and peace between all components and respects the historical relations between the components.