Chaos and riots continue in North and East Syria’s Al-Hol Refugee Camp

AL-HOL CAMP, Syria – The female members of the Islamic State (ISIS) segregated in Al-Hol Refugee Camp in the Hasakah countryside continue to spread chaos and riots inside the camp, gathering clandestinely and assaulting and murdering other residents of the camp. Despite the territorial defeat of ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over a year ago, the extremist and violent mentality of the organization persists.

Hawar News Agency reported that it had received information and videos showing Syrian and Iraqi female ISIS members raising the group’s flag in the 7th sector of the camp in a kind of demonstration. The women were see yelling the ISIS slogan, “The state of Islam is remaining,” a common refrain of the group and its supporters during its four year-long territorial existence.

Al-Hol Refugee Camp is the largest camp administered by the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria, housing more than 65,000 refugees and internally displaced persons.

It is also the most dangerous of the camps in North and East Syria, housing over 40,000 Syrian, Iraqi, and international people directly related to members of ISIS.