Iraqi protesters take down poster of Iranian Supreme Leaders Khomeini in Diyala Province, chanting “No to political parties”

BAQUBAH, Iraq – Iraqis angry with Iranian influence in the country continue to protest throughout the country. In Diyala Province, east of Baghdad, protestors removed a large picture of Iranian Supreme Leader Khomeini placed by pro-Iranian groups to mark the ceremonies of what they call “World Jerusalem Day”, created by Khomeini in 1979.

A video circulated by activists on social media showed young people taking down the poster of Khomeini chanting “No to political parties”.

At least one member of Iraqi Parliament from Diyala Province denounced the publishing of pictures of personalities unrelated to Iraq, stressing that Diyala is an Iraqi province with no affiliation to Iran.

“They never saw Iran issue orders to fire a missile or even a bullet at Israel, but it was and continues to spread strife in Iraq and other Arab countries under different headings and pretexts,” said Diyala lawmaker Raad al-Dahlki.

Iraqi activists at the protests, which began in early October 2019, burned and removed dozens of pictures of Iranian leaders. In November 2019, a billboard bearing the phrase “Khomeini Street” in Najaf province was altered by protesters to read “Martyrs of the October Revolution Street”. That same month, the Iranian consulates in Najaf and Karbala were burned.