ISIS member and leader arrested and killed in Iraq

MOSUL, Iraq – The U.S.-led International Coalition targeted the vehicle of an assistant of an Islamic State (ISIS) leader in Iraq with an airstrike while he attempting to travel across the border to Deir ez-Zor in Syria. Iraqi military intelligence also announced the arrest of an ISIS member after he entered Anbar Province from Syria.

“After a long pursuit of ISIS terrorist members, the U.S.-led International Coalition managed to kill the assistant of an ISIS leader named Moataz Noman al-Jubouri through an air strike carried out by the U.S-led Coalition’s aircraft,” the media spokesperson for the Iraqi Armed Forces Yahya Rasul stated.

Rasul added that the operation took place after monitoring the terrorist’s movements inside and outside Iraq. He was targeted by an air strike by the coalition aircraft in Deir ez-Zor.

On Tuesday, the Iraqi Military Intelligence Directorate announced the arrest of an ISIS member upon his return from Syria.

The Directorate said in a press statement that detachments of the Military Intelligence Division, in cooperation with Thirty Infantry Brigade, arrested an ISIS terrorist in the Al-Bubaid area in Anbar Province, indicating that the arrested individual came from Syria after receiving training from ISIS there.

The man had fought in Haditha against Iraqi security forces during the battle of Al-Tahrir and in Al-Bukamal against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).