U.S. intensifies hunt for ISIS Leaders

UNITED STATES, IRAQ – In pursuit of ISIS leaders and members, the U.S. State Department announced in a statement on Thursday that it is rewarding an amount of $3 million for anyone who can give information about ISIS leader and Minister of Information Mohammed Khader Musa Ramadan.

According to the statement, Ramadan played a key role in ISIS propaganda and recruitment, and he oversaw the preparation and production of numerous propaganda videos, publications and online platforms, which included brutal and cruel scenes of torture and mass execution of innocent civilians.

In a related context, the Iraqi Intelligence Directorate announced Friday in a statement the arrest of an ISIS leader in Baghdad. He belongs to a family that carried out attacks in Iraq but the statement did not give his name. The Intelligence Directorate added that the arrest took place after the formation of a specialized task force which was also able to dismantle two explosive devices in the area of Saiedat. According to the Directorate, the terrorist had three brothers who blew themselves up in Mosul, and his father exploded a car bomb in the area of Arab Jabbour, south of Baghdad.