NORTH & EAST SYRIA: Violent clashes between SDF and Turkish-backed factions in Ayn Issa area

AYN ISSA, Syria – Violent clashes took place last night between the Syrian Democratic Forces and the factions affiliated with Turkey, after the latter infiltrated the Ayn Issa area north of Raqqa.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that factions affiliated with the Syrian National Army, founded and supported by Turkey, managed to infiltrate the SDF and regime forces controlled town of Ayn Issa in Raqqa countryside. The attack led to violent clashes and mutual artillery shelling. Loud explosions were heard in the area and deaths and injuries are reported on both sides.

The clashes come after a period of relative calm that prevailed in the northern countryside of Raqqa for the last ten days.

On May 21, Turkish-backed factions targeted SDF sites in the villages of Sahrong and Qazali with artillery strikes, no casualties were reported. The factions also targeted several villages on the international M4 road, southwest of Tal Abyad in the countryside of Raqqa, which caused fires in agricultural fields and destroyed crops.