Russia delivers several MiG-29 jet fighters to Syrian regime ahead of Caesar Act entering into force

DARAMSUQ (DAMASCUS) – In support of the Syrian regime, Russia sent several MiG-29 jet fighters to Syria, before the implementation of the Caesar Act imposed by the U.S. administration on Damascus and its supporters.

Before the implementation of the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act of 2019 imposed by the U.S. on the Syrian regime and (individuals, organizations, or countries which support it financially, militarily, technologically, and even politically, Russia has decided to intensify its support to the Syrian army, benefitting from unrelated, widespread protests in the U.S. which contributed to the postponement of the Caesar Act until further notice.

The Russian Embassy in Damascus confirmed on Wednesday that the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) recently received a new batch of MiG-29 jet fighters. The embassy via Twitter announced that Russia’s delivery of the aircraft to the SAA comes within the framework of military-technical cooperation between Syria and Russia.

On 30 May, the Syrian Ministry of Defense announced that the Syrian military will begin carrying out missions with the Russian aircraft in early June.