LEBANON: Syriac Youth Union carries out new relief campaign “We stand by each other”

SED EL-BOOSRIEH, METN, Lebanon – Under the slogan “We stand by each other”, the Syriac Youth Union Association distributed two hundred food kits and bread in Sed El Booshrieh area, Northern Metn, to needy families of all sects.

The initiative was in coordination with the Lebanese Food Bank. On the distribution, the head of the association, district mayor of Sed El-Booshrieh Leila Latti declared:

“we completed the distribution of hundreds of food kits under the “Heart-to-Heart” campaign that we launched earlier this year, and today we launched the “We stand by each other” campaign in cooperation and with the full support of the Lebanese Food Bank because of the frightening deterioration of economic conditions that caused the impoverishment of hundreds of thousands of families in all regions. Thus, we consider ourselves and the rest of the organizations and associations responsible to help the needy during these tragic living conditions.”

Mayor Leila Latte also thanked all those who support the poor, especially the Lebanese Food Bank, which holds campaigns in all regions without any discrimination.

Lebanon is going through an economic crisis and is technically bankrupt. The country saw massive popular demonstrations and the corona crisis and subsequent lock-down brought the final blow to the country. The difficult economic, social and political times have left thousands of families without income and money for daily food and necessities.