SDF arrests terrorists in operation Deterring Terrorism

The Syrian Democratic Forces’ media center announced the outcome of the fifth day of Operation Deterring Terrorism. The SDF statement said: “The SDF continues to conduct regular sweeps and raids in full coordination with the international coalition forces. During the combating operation in the desert bordering Iraqi territory and several other axes, the SDF commandos and the international coalition forces executed targeted raids at several points where terrorist cells operate. Eleven terrorists were arrested) terrorists after the successful operation.”

In other news; this Monday, two people were killed when a motorcycle they were traveling on exploded in the village of al-Gharb, about 15 km from the city of Shaddadi, south of al-Hasaka. No information was available on the reason of the motorcycle.

The Internal Security Forces imposed a security cordon around the place of the explosion. Emergency teams transferred the bodies to the hospital. The identity of the deceased was not yet determined.