Iraqi Prime Minister Kadhimi visits villages and towns in Nineveh Plains

DASHTO D’NINVEH (NINEVEH PLAINS) – After the opening of Freedom Bridge in Mosul on the 6th anniversary of the city’s fall to the Islamic State, newly appointed Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, accompanied by Minister of Migration and Displaced Eva Faeq Yakoob Jabro, visited the Syriac-Chaldean town of Karamlesh in the western Nineveh Plains, where he visited the Church of St. Ade. Kadhimi also met with the Archbishop of the Chaldean Catholic Archeparchy Church of Mosul, Najib Michael Moussa, and was briefed on some of the evidence from the towns time under Islamic State occupation.

Archbishop Mikhail presented a Holy Cross to Kadhimi as a gift, expressing his reverence for his visit and for learning about the situation of the Christians in Nineveh Plains.

From Karamlesh, Kadhimi travelled to the Syiac city of Baghdede where he met with Mayor Issam Behnam and Archbishop Mor Yuhanna Potrus Moshe, head of the Diocese of Mosul for the Syriac Catholic Church.

Kadhimi also visited Syriac town of Bartella and met with Archbishop Mor Timuthwas Musa al-Shamani, head of the Bartella Diocese of the Syriac Orthodox Church, in the Church of St. Matta in the presence of town elders.

During the visit, Archbishop al-Shamani, presented a sacred icon as a gift to the Prime Minister.

According to a statement issued by Iraqi Parliament, Kadhimi confirmed during his visits that Christians are one of the original peoples of Iraq and added that the experience has shown that religious diversity in Iraq was and still represents the strength of the country, rather than a weakness. Kadhimi pointed out that Iraq is proud of this great diversity.

Mosul succeeded in uniting the Iraqis, said Kadhimi, and that the national project is their only way forward for the country to prosperity.