Nineveh Governor threatens to refuse entry to Governate to three ministers if they don’t truly serve their native province

MOSUL, Iraq – Governor of the Nineveh Governate Najim Abdullah al-Jubouri threatened to prevent three ministers in the new Iraqi government, including Iraqi Syriac-Chaldean Minister of Migration and Displacement Evan Faeq Yaqoob Jabro, from entering the Nineveh Governate, if they do not truly and diligently execute their duties of office in serving the people of his Nineveh Governate.

In a press conference held on the occasion of the opening of a Job and Employment Center in Mosul, Governor of the Nineveh Governate al-Jubouri’s directed his powerful and threatening statement to Minister of Trade, Alaa Ahmed, Minister of Industry, Manhal al-Khabaz, and Ivan Faeq Yaqoob Jabro, Minister of Immigration and Displacement. Governor al-Jubouri’s said that the Nineveh Governate, which includes the Chaldean-Syriac-Assyrian Nineveh Plain region, has suffered tremendously under the terror rule of ISIS and has not recovered since. The three Ministers he said, must do their duty to serve the people of their Governate, since the three Iraqi Ministers originate from the Nineveh Governate.

The Syriac-Chaldean Evan Faeq Jabro Jabro, gained parliament’s trust in a second round last week. Prior to her election to Minister, Mrs. Evan Faeq Yaqoob Jabro held an advisory position in the Components Affairs section of the Nineveh Governate.

Mrs. Evan Faeq will face many challenges. Iraq still hosts hundreds of thousands war-torn IDPs from the especially Nineveh Governate – Sinjar, Mosul, and the Nineveh Plains. These IDPs are in urgent need of the most basic existential services. The Kurdish Region in Iraq hosts many of these IDPs, among them tens of thousands of Chaldeans-Syriacs-Assyrians from the Nineveh Plains and Mosul. Northern Iraq and the Kurdish Region also host more than 200,000 thousand Syrian refugees who fled from North and East Syria to Iraq after the invasion of the Democratic Autonomous Administration.