North and East Syria Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue suspended by opposition due to participating parties

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – The Kurdish National Council (KNC) expressed its objection to the participation of a number of parties in the Kurdish-Kurdish dialogue, as it did not consider them independent parties but affiliated with the Democratic Union Party (PYD). The different points of view between the parties and these differences led to the suspension of the dialogue until a suitable way forward could be found.

The suspension comes just one day after the beginning of phase two of the talks. The Kurdish National Council suspended the talks due to the participation of parties which it considers to be affiliated with the Democratic Union Party and not independent parties.

According to Ronahi TV, PYD official Aldar Xelîl stated that the KNC requested that negotiations be held only between the KNC and the PYD, refusing to include a large number of other parties.

Xelîl added that the negotiation session that took place on Thursday was attended by the U.S. Ambassador and Deputy Special Envoy to the U.S.-led International Coalition in Syria and Iraq, William Roebuck, who expressed his surprise at the request of the KNC.

The KNC also reportedly demanded changing the name of the entity it negotiated with and objected to its name as the Kurdish National Unity Parties.