SYRIA: Leader of 4th Division killed in Islamic State attack in Raqqa countryside

RAQQA, Syria – The Islamic State (ISIS) launched a violent attack on the locations of the Syrian regime near the junction of Al-Rusafa town in the Raqqa countryside on Thursday. Seven members of the Syrian regime forces were killed in the attack, several others were wounded.

The website Zaman al-Wasl reported the identities of four of the regime soldiers killed as Ali Zuhair al-Hamid – commander of the Tabqa sector of the 4th Division, Nael Abdul Karim, Suleiman al-Khalaf, and Nibras Nasser Ghanem. They were identified at Al-Salamiya Hospital in the Hama countryside.

Three others whose bodies did not reach the hospital have yet to be identified.

Five of the injured, mostly from the 4th Division, arrived at the hospital: Ghazwan al-Ashqar, Ali Fakher Dayoub, Wa’d Deeb al-Saleh, Muhammad al-Ahmad, and Mohsen Fahd al-Mohsen.

Zaman al-Wasl’s source confirmed that the area is still under the control of ISIS and the Syrian regime forces are trying to retake control by launching air strikes on the area.

Ali Zuhair al-Hamid is considered one of the leaders responsible for the 4th Division’s operating room and has participated in many battles.