SYRIA: Syrian Regime falls back on brutal methods of suppressing peaceful demonstrations in Daraa

DARAA, Syria – Several demonstrations took place throughout Daraa province in southern Syria, calling for the overthrow of the Syrian Baath Regime, the release of detainees, and the expulsion of Iranian militias from Syrian territory. After the Syrian Baath Regime fell back on its known repressive methods and hard-handed arrests of protesters, dozens of angry citizens went out to the streets on Friday in the town of Giza, Daraa countryside to protest, and demand the overthrow of Syrian Baath Regime and the release the detainees. In the city of Tafas, also in the Daraa countryside, demonstrators demanded the expulsion of Iranian militias and the Lebanese Hezbollah from Syria.

Daraa province has been witnessing a significant escalation of kidnappings and violent clashes in a fragmented and chaotic security framework.

On Thursday, the kidnapping of a young Christian woman was reported in the city of Izraa. The identity of the kidnappers has not yet been established, but it is worth noting that city of Izraa is controlled by Iranian militias, along with soldiers of the Fifth Corps and Twelfth Brigade.

In another context, the young Noureddine al-Issa died under torture more than eight years after he was arrested by the Military Security Agency in Daramsuq (Damascus). His identity was discovered from the tens of thousands of photographs and images smuggled out of the country by “Caesar” in 2014.

It is worth mentioning that the International community and human rights organizations have repeatedly called on the Syrian Regime to reveal the fate of those detained in its prisons, but to no avail. The situation in Syria’s prisons has worsened for the worse and a political solution is far away as the Syrian Regime keeps demanding the return to the pre-war situation without political and democratic reforms.