Female Internal Security Forces member killed by improvised explosive in Mabbug (Manbij)

MABBUG (MANBIJ), Syria – Two improvised explosive devices (IEDs) exploded on Wednesday in the city of Mabbug (Manbij) in northern Syria injuring several people and killing a member of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) of North and East Syria.

In a statement, the ISF announced that one of its female members was killed in one of the explosions. The first IED exploded next to Martyr’s Roundabout. While the ISF were cordoning off the location of the first explosion, the second explosion took place, leading to the injury of several people and the death of a female ISF member, Zahiya Muhammad Barkal, while performing her duty.

“The first explosion … did not result in any injuries, but the second one targeted the Internal Security Forces while imposing a cordon around the first explosion location resulting in the serious injury of the ISF member Zahiya Muhammad Barkal who was martyred later,” read the statement.

“We will follow down the path of our martyrs towards freedom and will continue to fight terrorism in order to ensure security and stability among all the region’s peoples.”

Zahiya Barkal was buried in a funeral ceremony on Wednesday.

The Manbij Military Council (MMC) has pointed the finger at groups affiliated with the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MIT) as being behind this and previous attacks.