Syrian economic collapse leading citizens to ask more questions

HASAKAH, Syria – With repeated disagreements between members of the ruling family of the Syrian regime becoming public and the implementation of Caesar’s Law – an extensive sanctions package imposed by the U.S. targeting officials, companies, and countries which support the regime economically, politically, and militarily – the Syrian economy continues to collapse.

The Syrian Pound have drastically devalued over the past few months, now exchanging with the U.S. Dollar at a rate of 3,000 SYP to 1 USD.

Investigating what the catastrophic economic situation means for the everyday life of average Syrians, SuroyoTV took to the streets of Hasakah city in North and East Syria to take a closer look at the effects on markets, shopkeepers, and consumers.

SuroyoTV interviewed a number of passers-by who spoke of their suffering in numerous ways, with one saying that due to the war, he has been forced to buy water via a tanker truck and in recent weeks has had to pay much more than in previous years.

According to another person, it was no longer possible to live in the country, attributing the reason for the rise in prices and the collapse of the economy to the manipulation of crisis traders and their monopolizing of goods.

Those interviewed indicated that they are so concerned with surviving day-to-day, it is impossible to look to the future.

With the political and economic situation in the country dire, people expressed exhaustion at the current state of things, one wondering where the strongest economy in the Middle East had gone.