Turkey transforms civilian homes into Quranic institutes in occupied Rish Ayno (Ras al-Ayn) in North and East Syria

RISH AYNO (RAS AL-AYN), Syria – The governor of Turkey’s Urfa region opened two Quranic institutes alongside Turkish clerics in the northern Syrian city of Rish Ayno (Rasl al-Ayn), currently under the control of Turkish and Turkish-backed forces.

According to a social media post by local journalist, Muhyedin Isso, displaced from Rish Ayno, one of the houses converted into a Quranic lesson institute belonged to his family who were forced to flee their city and leave their home after Turkey’s invasion in October last year.

The Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) who spearheaded the so-called “Operation Peace Spring” took over the homes of civilians displaced from the city, looting them, settling in some, and renting out the rest for profit.

Turkey continues to solidify its presence in the Syrian areas under its occupation. Previously, Turkey has established Turkish services and university campuses and, more recently, mandating the use of the Turkish Lira in place of the Syrian Pound.