NORTH AND EAST SYRIA: YPG apologizes to relatives of victims of 2013 Amuda incident

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – During a Friday meeting, the People’s Protection Units (YPG) issued an apology to the families of the victims of an incident in Amuda in 2013 in which six civilians were killed by members of the YPG during demonstrations calling for the release of detainees.

Head of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), General Mazloum Abdi, of which the YPG is a key component, said that the YPG were ready to repair this wound and to offer apologies and compensation to the families of victims in the city of Amuda.

The remarks were made during a meeting between General Abdi, Newroz Ahmad – member of the SDF General Command and commander in the Women’s Protection Units (YPJ), Nuri Mahmud – spokesperson for the YPG, Fawaz Mousa – an official in the General Security Agency, and members of a committee charged with facilitating reconciliation efforts between the YPG and the relatives of the victims of the Amuda incident.

The apology by the YPG come at a time of rapprochement between several Kurdish parties. Especially the United States and France have been supporting such Kurdish-Kurdish rapprochement.