Patriotic Union of Kurdistan demands urgent Security Council session about Turkish aggression in Kurdistan Region of Iraq

SULAYMANIYAH, Iraq / BAGHDAD – The Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) issued a statement in Iraqi Parliament condemning the Turkish military campaign in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, expressing its deep regret and pain because of new deaths and injuries in the villages of Sulaymaniyah Governorate, especially in the tourist area of Kunamasi.

According to North Press Agency, several civilians were killed by Turkish airstrikes on Kunamasi Park, a popular tourist destination, in northeastern Sulaymaniyah on Thursday.

“Turkish warplanes bombarded Kunamasi park, northeastern Sulaymaniyah,” eyewitnesses told North Press reporter.

“Three civilians were killed at least due to the bombardment,” they added.

The PUK stated that the Turkish airstrikes and military presence in northern Iraq is a violation of Iraqi national sovereignty and should be condemned by Baghdad and stopped.

The PUK called on Baghdad to take immediate and urgent action to deter the Turkish aggression and deliver a strong message that Iraq is serious and stands firmly against the Turkish violations against its sovereignty, people, and property.

The PUK also demanded the Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Iraqi representative in the U.N. to submit a request for an urgent U.N. Security Council session to stop the Turkish military operation inside Iraqi territory. In addition, the PUK called for the government to compensate the families of the Iraqi civilians who lost their lives as a result of these Turkish military operations.