WHO warns of risk of coronavirus outbreak in Syria as cases explode across the region

GENEVA / BAGHDAD — The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned of the risk of an explosion in the number of coronavirus infections in Syria in the near future, although the official number of infections remains low in the count

The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean said that, “The number of people infected with the coronavirus in Syria is low, but there is a risk of an explosion in the number of infections in the near future.” At the moment of the official’s statement, there were 248 confirmed cases.

In other countries, the number of cases at the beginning increased slowly before sharply increasing. “We saw this in Iraq, Turkey, and Egypt,” said the official. “We fully expect that we will have a similar problem in Syria.”

The Iraqi Ministry of Health stated that, “laboratories and health institutions recorded [on 25 June] 1,261 new infections and 31 deaths,” noting that the total number of confirmed cases was more than 17,000, and 475 deaths.

The Iraqi Government continues to insist a comprehensive curfew throughout the country to curb the spread of the virus.

Nearly 10 million confirmed cases of the coronavirus and nearly 500,000 deaths have now been recorded, according to the latest information from Worldometer, which aggregates data from official sources.