Women of Kongreya Star protest in front of U.S.-led international coalition base in al-Hasakah province

HASAKAH, Syria – In protest against the Turkish bombing of Kobanî countryside resulting in the death of three women, the Kongreya Star, an umbrella organization for women’s rights groups in North and East Syria, organized a protest in front of the base of the U.S.-led international coalition in Hasakah. One of the victims of the Turkish bombing of Helincê village east of Kobanî several days ago, was a leader of Kongreya Star.

At the base a protest statement was read and the women’s demands were handed to the (female) representative of the International Coalition for Civil Affairs. Co-Chair of Kongreya Star Aven Bashu read a statement condemning the Turkish interventions in the region and targeting women in Kobanî and called on the U.S.-led international coalition to intervene to stop Turkish violations in North and East Syria. The statement also considered that this crime is one in a series of previous crimes against the people of North and East Syria in general and against women in particular.

A delegation of the protesting women met the representative of the International Coalition for Civil Affairs, Miss Emily inside the coalition base and delivered her a petition of protest, demanding to stop the Turkish interference in the region.

The Turkish violations against the residents of North and East Syria have been continuing, as the Turkish-backed factions on Saturday burnes wheat fields in the village of al-Qasimiya in the countryside of Tel Tamr and prevented the residents from extinguishing the fires. The fires caused great losses to the livelihoods of farmers, threatening food security in the region.