Chaldean Synod nominates Bishops for Tehran and Urmia in Iran and Zakho in Iraq

BAGHDAD — The fathers of the Chaldean Synod have appointed a new Archbishop for the city of Zakho, the Bishop Said Daoud Chebbi, while the date for his official appointment has not been set due to the coronavirus pandemic.

More than a year ago, on 13 March 2019, the Chaldean Synod nominated three Bishops for the Dioceses of Tehran and Urmia in Iran and the Diocese of Zakho in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. Bishop Said Daoud ‘Felix’ Chebbi accepted his appointment while the other two candidates refused their appointments, delivering their reasons of refusal in a written letter addressed to the Supreme Synod. The reasoning for their refusals have not been made public.

The Synod fathers decided to restore the Diocese of Zakho to its former status as the episcopal chair is in the city of Zakho.

As for the Diocese of Duhok, it will be transformed into an episcopal chair and the towns belonging to the Diocese of Amadiyah will be connected with it.

Bishop Felix Chebbi was born in Nineveh Plains in 1975 and is fluent in Chaldean, Arabic, English, and Italian.