SYRIA: Russia attempts to calm tension between Syrian regime and reconciled groups in Daraa

DARAA, Syria – The eastern countryside of Daraa, in southern Syrian, has recently witnessed increased tensions between forces of the Syrian regime and Russian-sponsored militias who have reconciled with Damascus.

On Saturday, fighting broke out between members of the Russian-backed 5th Corps and the 4th Division of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) led by Maher al-Assad, brother of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

The fighting resulted in the deaths of five members of the 4th Division and their withdrawal from a number of villages.

A Russian delegation arrived in Bosra al-Sham, in the eastern Daraa countryside, on Sunday accompanied by a delegation from Syrian regime to discuss developments in the region and attempt to calm the situation and find a solution.

It is noteworthy that the current tensions arose against the background of the refusal of Maher al-Assad to comply with the orders of Russia to withdraw from several areas in Syria, especially after the 4th Division – considered one of the most important divisions in the SAA – played a major role in the destruction of cities and the displacement of Syrian citizens.