Turkey reduces Euphrates River flow to North and East Syria by more than half

AYN ISSA, Syria – Turkish occupation forces, in a step furthering threatening water security in North and East Syria, have reduced the level of water flowing from the Euphrates River, causing scarcity in the water necessary for drinking, agriculture, and the generation of electricity.

Turkish occupation forces in North and East continue to violate ethical and legal boundaries through the intentional targeting of civilians, depriving hundreds of thousands of civilians of water and food security, rampant looting and criminality, and policies of Turkification.

Recently, and in clear violation of international human rights, Turkey has intentionally restricted the flow of the Euphrates River.

General Administration of Dams in Euphrates Region Engineer and head of operations at the Tishrin Dam Jihad Bayram, told North Press Agency that, “According to international agreements, the water intake should be 500 cubic meters per second, whereas now it is 200 cubic meters per second.”

An agreement signed in 1987 between Syria and Turkey dictates the water flow of the Euphrates.

“Turkey besieges [northeast Syria] by controlling the water supply of the region,” added Bayram.

The farmers of the Euphrates basin depend on water from the river to irrigate the approximately 400,000 hectares of wheat fields and fruit orchards. Moreover, the Euphrates River is one of the largest sources of electric power generation in the country.