Directorate General of Syriac Studies in Baghdad meets to discuss needs of Syriac language programs

BAGHDAD – The Director General of Syriac Studies, Imad Salem Jajo, met with members of the monitoring and preparation committee, which included a number of cadres of the General Directorate, in the presence of Assistant Director General Nidal Matti at the Directorate’s headquarters in Baghdad.

During the meeting, discussions were held on the need to prepare the necessary documents and data to prepare a report and to present it to members of the Federal Financial Board Committee.

Also discussed during the meeting were the tasks and achievements of the Directorate General of Syriac Studies, the importance of preparing staff in all their specialties, as well as preparing schools covered by the program of Syriac language and Christian religious education.

The most important needs of teaching staff, as well as the problems and difficulties facing the Directorate General of Syriac Studies and its cadres, was also considered.