Security tightened on Senaa Prison in al-Hassakeh

HASAKAH, Syria – A group of Islamic State (ISIS) members detained in Senaa Prison in Hasakah, North and East Syria began rioting inside the prison on Monday. The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), who are in charge of the prison, rushed reinforcements to the area and tightened security protocols.

The SDF cordoned off the prison and reinforced its perimeter, closing all roads leading to it. Dozens of rapid intervention forces arrived, as well as forces made up rescue and medical personnel.

Jet fighters, helicopters, and drones of the U.S.-led International Coalition took to the skies in support of the SDF to ensure no ISIS members escaped the prison.

During the past two months, Senaa Prison has witnessed similar incidents of prisoner riots.

Approximately 5,000 ISIS members are held in the prison.