NINEVEH PLAINS: Syriac town of Bartella put under quarantine

NINEVEH PLAINS, Iraq – The entire Syriac town of Bartella on the Nineveh Plains has been put under quarantine. All movement in and out of the town is prohibited. The full quarantine decision was made after a resident of Bartella, working as a judge in the district courthouse of Tel Keppe, a Syriac-Chaldean town also in the Nineveh Governate, contracted the coronavirus. The judge has self-quarantined himself in his house for three days after he contracted the virus from a colleague court registrar.

The towns healthcare directorate and crisis team today decided to a full lockdown of Bartella until Sunday, July 5. All traffic by car, motorcycle and bicycle is prohibited and only emergency services and bakeries are allowed to work. The police have closed all roads leading to villages belonging to the municipality. During the lockdown, the town’s health directorate will sanitize several neighbourhoods and residents are required to take preventive measures.