Syrian Foreign Ministry rejects U.N. / EU organized donor conference

DARAMSUQ (DAMASCUS) – The Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has rejected the donor conference organized by the European Union and United Nations in Brussels as interference in Syria’s internal affairs.

At the conference, the European Commission confirmed the collection of $7.7 billion in aid to mitigate the impact of the humanitarian crisis affecting millions of Syrians displaced by the nine-year-long civil war, exacerbated by rising food prices and the emergence of coronavirus pandemic.

However, the Syrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs called the conference a means of supporting terrorism and interfering in Syrian internal affairs.

The Ministry statement comes at a time when Damascus has denied and prevented aid meant for the Syrian people, many of whom have sought refuge in areas away from government control. Although free from the dangers of living under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s brutal intelligence services and prisons, they have not been spared the effects of the collapse of the Syrian economy.

Many U.N. humanitarian aid organizations are conducting several service projects to provide employment opportunities for thousands of Syrian families living outside the control of the central government.