U.S. strengthening its relations with Egypt in face of regional instability

CAIRO – With a series of ongoing global and regional health, economic, political, and security crises, the U.S. has urged Egypt to protect its sovereignty and strengthen its air defenses.

“Recently, U.S.-Egyptian relations have been strengthened and the joint national interests have been unified in many areas,” stated U.S. Ambassador to Egypt Jonathan Cohen.

He added, “My ambition during my time here in Cairo as ambassador for the U.S. is to deepen and develop the partnership between the two countries and make Egypt strong, secure, and prosperous.”

“We are cooperating with the State of Egypt in combating terrorism, border security, and developing defense capabilities. In the economic field, we are trying to increase the commercial investment while continuing to provide development assistance,” he concluded.

The change in relations have come recently after Egypt sought to protect its borders from the mercenaries fighting in the areas of influence of Turkish forces outside the country’s borders.