Feeling without options, hundreds of displaced Yazidi families returning to still ruined Şingal

ŞINGAL, Iraq – Hundreds of Yazidi families are now returning to their homes in Şingal, in northern Iraq, after years of displacement despite the lack of comprehensive demining and reconstruction. The already difficult conditions in the camps are exacerbated by the coronavirus and the ongoing Turkish military strikes in and around Şingal.

Many Yazidi have lost their jobs and rely on the aid they receive from donors Nohadra (Duhok) Province in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, where they have lived since fleeing the Islamic State in 2014.

“More than 1,200 displaced families have returned from their temporary homes to Şingal since Last June,” said Mahma Khalil, mayor of Şingal, who now lives in Nohadra.

“The Yazidi youth who used to earn $17 a day from their work in restaurants and factories can no longer find a job because of the impact of the coronavirus preventive measures on the economy,” said important Yazidi figure Jamil Hamo.

Despite the destruction that makes Şingal area still uninhabitable – homes are still in ruin and there is no running water or electricity – many Yazidis feel that they have no other option.