NORTH and EAST SYRIA: The Syriac-Assyrian Martyrs Families Foundation visits the families of martyrs in al-Hasaka and Tel Tamr

HASAKAH/TEL TAMR, Syria – In a cooperation of affiliates of the Beth Nahrin National Council, a delegation of the Syriac-Assyrian Martyrs’ Families Foundation, representatives of the Relations Office of the Syriac Military Council (MFS), the Beth Nahrin Women Protection Forces, the Office of Internal and External Relations of the Internal Security Forces (Sutoro), and the Sutoro Management Office for Women visited the families of its martyrs in al-Hasakah and Tel Tamr .

During the visits, the delegation recalled the sacred struggle of the martyrs and the sacrifices they made for the sake of their country and people. They also praised the role of the military forces stationed on the fronts of their fight against the dark forces. The ongoing Turkish attacks on North and East Syria where civilians are targeted and actions where Turkey weaponizes the water resources and cuts water flow were denounced.

During the visits, the delegation provided food baskets and other support because of the harsh living conditions and high food prices in the region. Especially the high prices for food, bread, electricity and water, continue to be a heavy burden on the entire population of the region. In turn, the families of the martyrs thanked the Syriac-Assyrian Martyrs Families Foundation for the frequent visits and for providing them with food and help.