North and East Syria Administration spokesperson: There is a systematic campaign targeting the Autonomous Administration and its economy

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA – In a written statement, spokesperson of Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) Luqman Ahmi addressed attempts of some to exploit the crisis of bread and water to incite unrest in DAA areas. In the statement, Ahmi pointed to the participant countries in the Astana talks – Russia, Turkey, and Iran – as being behind the attempt to destabilize the region.

********** PRESS STATEMENT **********

The campaign that began against the DAA is complex, internally and externally, and began when the Administration set the purchase price of wheat at $.17 USD per kilo, to be paid in Syrian Pounds, the Syrian regime claimed it could not match the price, it carried out a media campaign against the Syrian Democratic Forces.

When the Administration raised the salaries of public employees by 150%, the three sides of Astana called for a ninth meeting between Putin, Erdogan, and Rouhani, with the most prominent issue being the rejection of any political body in North and East Syria, which means the Autonomous Administration. Accordingly, water from the Euphrates River and Alouk water station was cut off by Turkey, together these sources service about one million people. Russian and China vetoed the reopening of the Tel Koujar humanitarian crossing.

The Syrian regime has also imposed fees – in USD – on traders delivering goods to DAA areas.

The Autonomous Administration will take measures to overcome the campaign against it and will see those who manipulate water and food security held accountable.