NINEVEH PLAIN: Assyrian Democratic Movement mourns the death of one of its commanding cadres

BAGHDEDE, Iraq – The Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA) issued an obituary over the death of Captain Adnan Espnia Barkho who passed away in a hospital in Mosul after he had contracted the Corona virus. The ZOWAA obituary said, “We mourn the death of our Comrade Adnan Espnia Barkho, prime cadre and commanding captain of the first unit command in the Nineveh Plain Protection Units. Our Comrade passed away at the al-Salam Hospital in Mosul on Thursday afternoon, 9 July, after contracting the Corona virus.”

The Assyrian Democratic Movement said that the death of Captain Barkho is a great loss for the ZOWAA Movement and the Nineveh Protection Units, his family, friends, and to everyone who knew him in his partisan, patriotic, social, or combat work.

Adnan Barkho volunteered for the NPU since the fall of Nineveh in the hands of ISIS. He participated in regaining control and securing the towns of the Nineveh Plain, Baghdede, Karemlesh and Bartella. He was known for his dedication, commitment, sincerity and sacrifice for the sake of his Syriac people to obtain justice and legitimate rights and returning its displaced residents to the Nineveh Plain.

The Assyrian Democratic Movement (ZOWAA) was founded in 1979 as an activist and political movement fighting for national Syriac rights. ZOWAA holds 1 seat of 5 quota seats in Iraqi parliament and 1 seat of 5 quota seats in the Kurdish Region in Iraq parliament. ZOWAA espouses the Assyrian name for our Syriac people (Chaldeans-Assyrians-Arameans).