NORTH and EAST SYRIA: Olaf Taw Foundation hands out diplomas to female teachers for Aministration schools

HASAKAH, Syria – At a graduation ceremony in the city of al-Hasakah the Olaf Taw Foundation handed out certificates its students passing final exams and graduating for its Syriac language teachers study.

Ms. Sofia Yusuf of the al-Hasakah Olaf Taw branch told our news desk that,

“the number of female graduates is thirteen and their average grades were between good and very good. Over a period of three months, the graduates passed exams in teaching methods, Syriac grammar and mathematics in preparation for their screening as teachers in schools in the Administration.

The Olaf Taw Syriac language graduation certificates are officially recognized in all educational institutions and teachers in Syriac are employed by the Democratic Autonomous Administration.”

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