Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria: Idlib militants behind targeting of Russian-Turkish patrol with explosive device

IDLIB, Syria – The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that an improvised explosive device (IED) planted by Syrian militants on the side of a road exploded near a joint Russian-Turkish patrol in northern Syria yesterday morning, injuring a number of Russian and Turkish soldiers.

The Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria at Hmeimim Air Base announced that three Russian soldiers were slightly injured and were transferred to the base for treatment.

The Reconciliation Center also stated that an unspecified number of Turkish forces were also injured in the blast.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that Russia has canceled the patrols after the explosion, which occurred near the town of Arihah in Idlib province where a Russian and Turkish armored personnel carrier had been destroyed.

The Reconciliation Center announced that militants in Idlib were behind targeting the joint Russian-Turkish patrol, saying that, “At the moment, the patrols have been stopped and the damaged equipment is being evacuated.”

Russian forces carried out raids on the Kabana hills in response to targeting of the joint patrol.