11 new coronavirus cases in Syria

IDLIB and HOLOB (ALEPPO), Syria – According to a statement by the Syrian Ministry of Health made on Wednesday, 11 new coronavirus cases have been recorded in the provinces of Idlib and Holob (Aleppo), bringing the total number of official infections to 242 cases.

The number of confirmed coronavirus cases has been increasing in Syria.

“Eleven new cases of coronavirus infection have been recorded after contacts with already infected people, raising the number of registered cases in Syria to 242 cases. No new deaths have been recorded, and the death toll in the country is still 7 deaths,” the Syrian Health Ministry stated.

The ministry pointed out that two previous cases of infection were cured, raising the number of those recovered from the coronavirus to 96 cases.

On Tuesday, the Ministry recorded 12 new coronavirus infections among the 123 Syrian students who entered from Lebanon to submit their exams. The students had been tested and quarantined.

It is expected that the number of the positive cases may increase in the coming days, followed by a sharp increase after two months.