Warehouse storing remnants of war explodes in Hasakah in North and East Syria injuring eight people

HASAKAH, Syria – On Wednesday evening, an explosion at a Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) weapons depot in Al-Masherfa village north of Hasakah city injured at least eight people and caused material damage.

According to local sources, five people who were injured in the explosion and were sent to the national hospital in Hasakah’s Al-Aziziya neighborhood. Three other people injured were sent to a field hospital northwest of the city, without receiving information about their health condition so far.

A source from the Hasakah Fire Brigade said there was material damage in the nearby residential area, but it was limited to broken windows and some minor damage.

The Media Center of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) denied what was circulated by some news outlets that the explosion in Hasakah was the result of an airstrike and confirmed that the explosion was caused by “an electric contact” at a warehouse storing unexploded remnants of war from the war against with the Islamic State.