Gradual return of trade across Syrian–Jordanian border

DARAMSUQ (DAMASCUS) – After a closure of more than 15 days due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Syrian–Jordanian border has reopened to commercial traffic starting Sunday.

The closure of the border between Syria and Jordan has caused significant economic losses, including the produce from refrigerated trucks transporting goods across the border. An official with knowledge about the crossing confirmed that the Jordanian government agreed to reopen trade through the Jaber crossing.

“The cargo will be unloaded from Syrian trucks and transported by Jordanian trucks to the Arab Gulf states, starting next Sunday,” the official said.

The official added that there are more than 35 refrigerated trucks that will transport goods daily, from the Jaber crossing. They also noted that the refrigerated trucks suffered losses of 5 million Jordanian dinars during the suspension period.

The official thanked the Union of Vegetable and Fruit Exporters and the Ministry of Agriculture for responding to the demands of the owners of the refrigerated trucks, especially in light of the difficult economic conditions throughout the country.