Abdul Karim Omar: There is compelling evidence of an organized Turkish effort to smuggle ISIS women

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In a statement to SuroyoyFM, the Co-Chair of the Foreign Relations Commission of the Democratic Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Abdul Karim Omar, said that the recent smuggling of women affiliated with the Islamic State (ISIS) from the Al-Hol Refugee Camp into Turkey is “clear evidence of the relationship between Turkish Intelligence and ISIS females and sending messages of reassurance to ISIS and their families that they have never dispensed with them.”

Omar’s comments come after Turkish intelligence smuggled a Moldovan citizen and her four children from the section of Al-Hol for families of ISIS members.

Al-Hol is home to more than 65,000 displaced and refugee people, most of them related to members of the Islamic State.

Omar confirmed that the DAA has information that all the female ISIS members who were smuggled out of the camp are now in Turkey, remarking that, “The concerned authorities who arrested a number of women of ISIS who tried to escape from Al-Hol camp recently confirmed that they were heading to Turkey.”

Omar drew attention to the fact that one of the targets of Turkish attacks on the areas of North and East Syria during the invasion of the region in October 2019 was Ain Issa Camp, which also holds a large number of ISIS detainees. “At the beginning of the attacks, the Turkish occupation targeted Ain Issa camp, which includes hundreds of families of ISIS members,” said Omar. “Hundreds of them were smuggled and went to Turkey. And the occupation targeted a prison in Kobane that included the most dangerous women ISIS members, some of whom escaped as well.”

Omar concluded, “What has been mentioned is compelling evidence on the extent of the relationship between ISIS terrorists and the Turkish occupation as it indicates the existence of a well-thought out Turkish plan regarding women who are being smuggled for use in its future political projects.”