SuroyoTV speaks with Deputy Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Authority in North and East Syria Sobhi Malki

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — In an interview with SuroyoTV, Sobhi Malki, Deputy Co-Chair of the Youth and Sports Authority, discussed the important role that young people play around the world in securing a peoples’ rights and freedom.

“A meeting of the Syrian Democratic Youth Council was held in the presence of the Progressive Syriac Youth Union with the aim of talking about the role of society in the 10-years war in Syria,” said Malki. “During the meeting, they discussed the impact of the Syrian civil war on the youth.”

“Any revolution that takes place in any society, youth have a prominent role in it, offering many martyrs and sacrifices,” he added. Youth play a major political role throughout the world.”

Malki indicated that the Syrian revolution at its inception had a great impact, but as the uprising was prolonged and terrorist organizations and armed factions became increasingly backed by Turkey, the revolutionary path was diverted and the youth of the country had to shoulder a heavy burden.

The ideals of the early days of the revolution have become so twisted that, “Turkey is recruiting young people and sending them to fight in Libya to achieve their interests and goals,” said Malki.