International Coalition and SDF: we continue to maintain a strong partnership in the fight against ISIS

RMELAN, Syria – The International Coalition against ISIS and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), yesterday, held a press conference on the results of the second phase of the joint campaign “Deterring Terrorism”. The press conference at the International Coalition Rmelan military base was held by the spokespersons for the International Coalition Colonel Miles Caggins, the YPJ Women’s Defense Units Nesrin Abdullah, the Bethnahrin Women Protection Forces Nisha Gawriye and SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel.

SDF spokesperson Kino Gabriel touched on the successful and ongoing cooperation and coordination between SDF and the International Coalition against ISIS through the providing of military and logistical support and the exchange of intelligence information. Gabriel focused on the International Coalition’s stabilization support for local councils in ISIS-liberated areas for them and the Region to return to normal life.

“The people of North and East Syria are working together on the bases of the principles of peaceful coexistence and brotherhood of peoples, and are standing up against those who want to destabilize the security and stability of their Region,” Kino Gabriel said.

And “Turkey has not committed to the cease-fire as agreed with Russia and the United States. It is violating the cease-fire on the front lines via its drones in direct offense of U.N. directives on the necessity of the ceasefire,” Kino added.

Colonel Miles Caggins emphasized that through joint coordination with the SDF, they were able to achieve great results and successes in eliminating ISIS and that the coordination and work with Iraqi and SDF forces against ISIS at the border will continue. He cautioned that the ISIS threat is still present.

The International Coalition spokesperson also made it clear that the International Coalition forces are here to provide support and assistance to the liberated areas, much so in Deir ez-Zor and  Badia.

In an exclusive interview with Syriac TV channel Suroyo TV, Colonel Miles Caggins said,

“We are supportive of the SDF. And one main reason for the success of these forces in the fight against ISIS is the leadership formed from various components – Syriacs, Kurds, Arabs – of the Region all fighting ISIS together.”

“There are still some villages and areas which give support to ISIS, but most of the people in this Region reject ISIS and they are in contact with the Sutoro, Asayish, and even the Syrian Democratic Forces, and inform them about any ISIS presence and so help our partners with the arrest of the ISIS members. The International Coalition continues to fight ISIS and bring them to justice “, he added.