Hamurabi Human Rights Organization: We condemn the excessive violence used against Iraqi demonstrators

BAGHDAD — The Hamurabi Human Rights Organizationissued a statement condemning the excessive violence used against peaceful demonstrators in Iraq. The organization also called for those who have violently attacked the protesters to be held accountable.

The Hamurabi Organization expressed their concern about the excessive violence used against demonstrators, warning of underestimating the blood of the peaceful demonstrators and the possibility of dragging Iraq into a state of vast anarchy.

It called for implementing urgent judicial accountability against all those who are harming protesters.

The Hamurabi Organization affirmed that it is following the course of events in Al-Tahrir Square in Baghdad with great concern. Five demonstrators have been killed in the past three days by live fire from security forces.

In its statement, Hamurabi Organization confirmed that it sees a grave danger in the excessive violence used against the peaceful demonstrators. It also considers it important to keep the demonstrations peaceful to avoid those who try to drag the government and the demonstrators into a devastating state of violence and bring Iraq into anarchy.

Political violence, said the statement, would risk any chance at real political and economic reform.

The statement concluded by calling for restraint and an adherence to democratic values.