Israel offers Lebanon humanitarian assistance after Beirut blast, Tel Aviv municipal headquarters illuminated with Lebanese flag

TEL AVIV / BEIRUT — Despite the ongoing hostilities and tension between Lebanon and Israel, the Israeli government launched a humanitarian initiative to provide humanitarian and medical support to Lebanon following the massive explosion that rocked Beirut on Tuesday, killing at least 137 and wounding over 4,000 others.

In an unprecedented display, Mayor of Tel Aviv Ron Huldai ordered the municipal headquarters to be illuminated with the colors of the Lebanese flag on Wednesday in support of Beirut.

Israeli Minister Rafael Peretz criticized the act, saying that displaying the flag of enemy state was inappropriate.

It was reported that Israel has offered humanitarian and medical aid to Lebanon through international intermediaries. An Israeli official at the Ministry of Defense stated that Israel could establish field hospitals on the Israeli–Lebanese borders to treat injured Lebanese citizens. No official Lebanese response has been made public.