Economic Directorate of North and East Syria opens food halls selling staple goods at cost

HASAKAH, Syria — In an effort to ease the economic burden on citizens, the Economic Directorate of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria opened a food hall in the Gueran neighborhood of Hasakah city. The Directorate said they have plans to open similar halls in various cities across North and East Syria.

Food halls have also been opened in Raqqa, Tabaqa, Amuda, and Darbasiyah. Future food halls are scheduled to open in Zalin (Qamishli), Dayrik (Al-Malikiyah), and other areas before the end of August.

The food halls contain more than 30 items of basic foodstuffs for citizens that are sold at cost.

According to officials, the establishment of the program is to prevent traders from monopolizing the food market after the rise in prices following the crashing of the Syrian Pound.

Citizens confirmed that the items are sold in the food hall at a lower price compared to private shops and the price is comparable to what they would pay at a wholesaler.

The halls are open from 08:00 to 20:00 with a two-hour closure from 13:00 to 15:00.

The DAA has taken several steps to mitigate the economic effects of the collapsing Syrian economy and the U.S. sanctions — known as Caesar’s Law. Previously, the DAA had established “bread cabins” to ensure bread would be available to all residents. It has also opened pharmacies to provide residents with more affordable medication and prevent the monopolization of the health market by private pharmacies.