IRAQ: Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi appoints Syriac Chaldean Safaa Hind as advisor on matters of indigenous components

BAGHDAD – Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi last week appoints the Syriac Chaldean Safaa Hind as his advisor on matters of indigenous components in Iraq. Safaa Hind is president of the Chaldean League, a Syriac Chaldean advocacy organization.

In a statement Safaa Hind expressed the importance of the creation of such a governmental position for the recognition of the rights and constitutional place of indigenous components in Iraq and that the Iraqi Prime Minister Al-Kadhimi sees this as one of the priorities of his cabinet.

The Iraqi cabinet already has as its Minister of Immigration and Displacement the Syriac Chaldean Evan Faeq Jabro.

The Syriac Chaldeans are the largest Syriac religious denomination within the borders of Iraq followed by respectively the Syriac religious denominations of Syriac Catholics, Syriac Orthodox and adherents of the Assyrian Church of the East and Ancient Church of the East.