SYRIA: 1,075 cases of leishmaniasis in Sareen and Kobanê

KOBANÊ, Syria — Over 1,075 cases of leishmaniasis have been recorded in Sareen and Kobanê, North and East Syria so far this year.

Leishmaniasis is caused by parasites carried by sandflies and can produce skin, mouth, and nose ulcers, fever, lowered red blood cell count, and the enlargement of the spleen and liver.

“The towns and villages in which leishmaniasis is most spread are Sareen, Kobanê, Dongis, Bandar, Bougaz, Jariqli, and Zerik,” stated Nowruz Kar’o, supervisor of the Kurdish Red Crescent. Kar’o indicated that there are about 925 cases in Sareen and more than 150 in Kobanê.

The Kurdish Red Crescent continues to educate people in North and East Syria on how to prevent the disease by distributing awareness leaflets and treat cases of infection with what few resources it has.