Official of Syriac Cultural Association Hanna Sawme: Syria and Iraq will not enjoy stability without citizenship of equality

ZALIN (QAMISHLI), Syria — In an interview with SuroyoTV, Hana Sawme, an official of the Syriac Cultural Association, declared that in a time of brutality, only a brutal constitution would be drafted, calling on all parties and peoples of Syria to unite in order to build a fair constitution based on equality.

Sawme confirmed in his interview that the basic principle for any political solution in the region, whether in Syria or Iraq, is equality in citizenship. In Syria, the drafting of a constitution, by the Syrians themselves, that ensures political, cultural, and human rights is critical. Furthermore, any constitution that does not give the Syriacs their rights will not enjoy stability, remarked Sawme.

“The Syrians must unite together, there is no difference between the Syriacs, the Arabs, and the Kurds, for we all live on the same Syrian lands and we are all the components of the region,” said Sawme. “We all have the right to demand recognition of our existence and our culture.”

“After ten years of war, we will not accept, after we were masters, that we become slaves of many ambitions that undermine our existence. It is not possible in a time of brutality to draft a brutal constitution to assassinate our existence that is thousands of years old.” Sawme concluded, calling on all the Syrians to return to their origins of justice and equality.