Absentee Property Law amended, prevents potential demographic change, says North and East Syria official Mousa Hanna

NORTH AND EAST SYRIA — The Absentees’ Property Directorate of the Syriac and Armenian people confirmed that Law No. 7 of 2020 issued by the General Council of the Democratic Autonomous Administration (DAA) of North and East Syria is aimed at preserving the property of citizens outside the country for an extended duration, adding that changes to the law have been made to also prevent any potential demographic changes in the region.

In an interview with Suroyo TV, Mousa Hanna, an official of the Directorate, confirmed that the Absentee Property Law has been amended to hold the manipulators of property accountable.

“The law was issued in the interest of citizens to prevent the manipulation of crisis traders. Furthermore, the legal safeguards were put in place to avoid any potential demographic change in our regions,” said Hanna.

Hanna called on citizens to be patient and understand the law in its correct form and not pay attention to the rumors circulated on social media about the DAA’s appropriation of absentees’ property.

Hanna reassured that the Directorate would stand in the way of anyone who dares to encroach on the property of the Syriac (Aramean-Chaldean–Assyrian) and Armenian people.

The Absentee Property Law protects the property of Christians in all the regions of North and East Syria, especially in Raqqa and Tabqa, said Hanna, which were not covered by a previous law governing the status of absentee property from 2015 as the law lacked any real enforcement mechanisms.

Hanna concluded by calling on all citizens of the region to inform the Absentees’ Property Directorate of any violations they notice.