Turkish authorities looking to deport dissident Syrian officer Ahmed al-Rahal after his criticism of Turkey and its proxy factions

ANKARA — Forty-eight hours after his arrest by Turkish authorities, the dissident Syrian military officer Brigadier General Ahmed al-Rahal has been released. He and his family were reportedly given a week to leave the country.

The reason behind his arrest was a series of recent media appearances during which he criticized Turkish and Turkish-backed Syrian National Army (SNA) officials for situations in Afrin and other areas of Syria occupied by Turkey.

Al-Rahal’s brother, Yousef, stated that Ahmed was transferred to the Turkish Immigration Department where he was told he had to leave Turkey for one of four countries, including Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Ahmed, according to Yousef, would prefer to stay in Turkey. However, he indicated that Turkish authorities would pursue legal action to deport Ahmed.

In a March television interview with Orient TV, Ahmed al-Rahal criticized leaders of the SNA in control of the city of Afrin who are engaged in theft and looting.

One particular leader, Abu Amsha, turned from a seller of tomatoes to a man worth $ 30 million, according to al-Rahal.

Al-Rahal recalled one specific instance where, despite confirmation of a woman’s allegations of rape against Amsha, he bribed a judge and the charges were dismissed.