IRAN: Tehran faces a similar danger of explosion to Beiruit, says city councilman

TEHRAN — After a Tehran city councilman posted warnings on his Instagram account that the Iranian capital could face a worse fate than the recent events in the Lebanese capital of Beirut, Iranian authorities are moving to relocate an oil depot situated in the middle of a Tehran neighborhood.

Majid Farahani, a member of the Tehran City Council, announced that the Supreme Council of the Ministry of Housing will consider moving the oil depot from a Tehran neighborhood after warnings that the capital could face a worse fate than Beirut, which saw a massive explosion of ammonium nitrate stored in the city’s port for years.

Officials from the Oil Ministry will participate in the meeting to discuss the relocation of the oil depot and safe ways to do so, Farahani said on Twitter.

The Tehran municipal councilman had earlier posted on his Instagram account that the oil depot in Tehran’s Shahran district was a hydrogen bomb in the heart of the city.

About 300 trucks are loaded with fuel every day from oil depot and drive through the residential neighborhood endangering resident, Farahani said.